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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a variation of a theme by e e cummings

i once closed a poem
with the couplet

things would not be so bad below
if hell had got hold of van gogh

which seemed okay until
a smartypants editor from
el ay

allowed that something that lame might work in a song
but if this was a poem
i was pronouncing the name all wrong

which critique embarrassed
me so much
i changed the meaning just a touch like so

if hell was not already bad enough
it had to put up with van gogh

but when at last
my courage to the sticking place i screwed
and i submitted the piece anew

the former smartypants
was no longer in residence

and his replace-a-ment
a young lady
from the infamous town of kent

said nah there is some shit
even the internet would not partake of it